Disparaged Y class engines!

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The R-1 tenders were put behind the Y4's. They were not converted to canteens.
Jim Nichols

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Not true. The only engine that had problems with counter balancing was the K3
4-8-2's, which had their main siderod connected to driver #3 instead of #2 for
more starting TE. They pounded the rails as driver #3 hopped above 38mph and it
was those engines that were restricted to 35mph.

 Not an N&W locomotive, but ACL's Baldwin-built Class R-1 4-8-4's had a counter balancing problem
also.  They were cranked to the 2nd driver.  After a series of broken rails, cameras were mounted on
the R-1s to record the rotation of the drivers.  It revealed that at high speed (ACL was rigged for 90 MPH
running) one set of drivers would lift off the rail.  They lasted about a year in passenger service to
be replaced by EMD E-3s.  Following a derailment at Stockton, GA (47 killed, 41 injured), ICC
Investigation 2813 attributed the cause to a broken rail and noted "From January 1, 1940 to June 30, 1944,
this railroad has reported to the Commission 61 accidents caused either directly or indirectly by
broken rails. "  Of course, ACL was using 100# rail at the time.  Most of it had been rolled by Tennessee
Coal, Iron & RRCo. in the 1920s. Believe the R-1 eight-axle tenders cameto Roanoke to be converted into canteens.                                         Harry Bundy


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