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On July 13th, a Saturday, Natural Tunnel in SW Virginia will closed to railroad traffic and open to foot passage for visitors. This is a cooperative effort between the Park and Norfolk Southern, and a rare opportunity to see the inside of the Tunnel at leisure. Plus, there is plenty for those with interest in railroading. I hope to lead one of the scheduled trips emphasizing the geology and for most of the day will be set up on the boardwalk with my books.
Please feel free to forward to anyone who might be interested, and I hope to see you there.

I received this message and attachment from Tony Scales, a geologist from Big Stone Gap, VA. Scales has written two books that I know of on SW Virginia features: "Natural Tunnel, Natures Marvel in Stone," and "The Breaks, the Grand Canyon of the South." Tony was a big help to me in preparing my article, "Fire in the Hole--A Tunnel Burns and the N&W Detours Through a Cave!" that appeared in the Oct/Dec 2070 issue of the NWHS journal, The Arrow.

Gordon Hamilton
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