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You're right Harry. What was I thinking. Elam along 460? No college there. Thanks, John Katz

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I believe it was 1994, I think one of the last times I went to the Gaithersburg Railroadiana show, some folks from the Old Dominion Chapter NRHS sold a lot of the collection for Virginia Reid. Among the many things were boxes of photos, usually like a 24x24x12 box full of prints, contact prints, no order, no logic. There were probably a dozen boxes, I think it was $100 a box. I bought two boxes and a bunch of other N&W and VGN timetables, a lot of the hardware had already been sold before getting to the show. I specifically recall that they had me make the check out to Virginia Reid. Now, this was not the negatives, I heard that the intent was to go to Elon, but I don't know if they ever did or not.

Ken Miller

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I knew Mr. Reid, and tried to purchase some of the photos from his wife after his death. The last that I heard is that she had some individuals sell them. However, Mr. Reid may have donated a portion, or possibly all to Elam College. John Katz, Virginia Beach.
That's Elon College, or as H wrote it, Leon Collitch. It was one of his alma maters. Harry Bundy

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