C.E. Pond Suggested Reading?

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I'll see if I have any thing on Pond in my files, like a copy of a bio. I worked with him on that article, and printed the portrait of him for it, as well as pulling together some of the other photos. But like most of these folks, unless you knew them, they were rarely celebrated and recorded in life.

One of the things I remember was Pond reading a draft of the article John Corns wrote on the K3. Pond wrote across the title page something to the effect that this was all wrong....

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> Does anyone have some reference to reading up on CE Pond? I have a pretty good article from Trains magazine (Feb '84 me thinks) that was written by him with a brief biography from David P Morgan (who wants a cab ride?) But I would like to find out some more about this man and others like Frank Noel.


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