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NW Group,

Claypool Hill is near Richlands VA which I think would be an excellent site
for a convention. For tours, trips along branch lines running in several
different directions are possible. Sorry I could attend last convention but
my masters would let me off from work in the salt mines.

Mason Cooper

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On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 9:03 AM, Bob wrote:

Grundy, VA. There is a new large Holiday Inn there.

Actually, it is a Comfort Inn. Grundy would be a good convention location
from a program standpoint, but not from a lodging standpoint. There isn't
much else other than the Comfort Inn, with probably the closest decent hotel
is over the mountains in Claypool Hill. There are other motels, but maybe
not the place that someone with a choice would want to stay. Even with the
law school and the pharmacy school (which my son graduated from a year ago),
the area just hasn't caught up on housing and lodging.

Bruce in Blacksburg

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