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> There is a slow release relay in the circuit. This was to allow the bioler of the steam engine and cab to pass the signal before it dropped to stop (in a C.P.) or restricting (at an automatic). If the engineer saw a red signal flash in his face, he would have to take it as a stop signal even though his engine caused it. The timing varies to the relay.


> Larry Stanley

> Lead Signalman

Larry & Ben,
First, thanks for the replies.
I still have to ask Larry; I understand the need for a slight delay,
but, don't you think 10 sec. is a bit too long? If I was riding the cab
on a light deadhead move and the signal was still clear when I went by,
I would be calling you maintainers out to make sure my rear was protected.
Which brings up;
Another oddity that happened after the a signal changeover was that
the southbound home signal at Cloverdale, the northbound home signal at
Emil (N.E. of Glasgow) and the southbound home signal at Loch Laird
would cycle from clear to approach to stop when they were passed. Most
signals went from clear to stop.

Jimmy Lisle

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