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>From the old lettering showing through the paint, this was previously a Class Ef Box Express, # 239. According to the March 1965 issue of The Official Register of Passenger Train Equipment there were at that time still 17 cars remaining in the series 220-239. Jim Nichols' N&W Color Guide has a picture of the 220, and states that the 230-239 were built in 1942.

Florida originations of citrus in time for Christmas delivery created a shortage of head-end cars in December.
ACL and SAL relied on foreign line cars to protect loadings. From Jacksonville Terminal Company's
"Dope Sheet" dated December 21, 1964, N&W 225 (Express-JAX) was riding first out behind Engs 546-500
on ACL Train No. 375, The Everglades, 11 cars out of Florence, SC at 9:41 PM. Harry Bundy

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