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Wed May 29 08:37:42 EDT 2013

I thought I would make trip out to Crewe today hoping to catch a couple locals! On the way i was pacing a couple hopper trains. Not knowing when the LV was coming back west I thought I would check them out. Turns out the both were minus the Valley Girl!!

823 with Vinnie at MP 96

821 at Ford, VA

Got to Burkeville and saw V08 already shoving back to Crewe:

Went back to Burkeville and waited a couple hours and the only thing moving was the two hopper trains I already caught!! Had to leave before the trains ran!! (158, V71, and V08 doing back):-(

Made up for it later in the afternoon after some confusing info, caught 811 at Fergusons:

Also caught 02E, V18 and 056!!

Walter Gay
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