Surviving cars from 1956 wreck

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I checked a article on the PM coaches in the March-April 1986 issue of the N&W Historical Society Newsletter. It said that coaches 1727 and 1729 were among the coaches sold to the Ontario Northland Railway in 1971. 1734, among the eight PM's used in Orland Park commuter service in Chicago, was reported as being returned to Roanoke in "very poor condition". Does anyone have any updates?
Lois J. Ponton
Friends of the 611

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Subject: Surviving cars from 1956 wreck
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I am curious if anyone here knows the present status of any of the cars that was in the train behind J 611 in the wreck of the Pocahontas in January 23, 1956. Only one car, P-3 coach #539, I have traced, which is now owned by the Watauga Valley Chapter, NRHS. The other cars in the train: N&W BEj baggage/express #123, N&W M1 RPO #94, N&W PM class coaches 1727, 1729 and 1734, a unknown PM class tavern-lounge, a heavyweight DE diner and three Pullman sleepers. Any assistance in this matter will be welcomed.
Lois J. Ponton
Friends of the 611

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