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I have to chime in here. When I was at Ferrum Junior College, fall 1961
through June 1963, I got to know the N&W agent at Ferrum on the Pumpkin
Vine, a Mr. Lemons. Early in that time frame I trained for and worked a little
as an extra "agent, operator, leverman, telegrapher" on Southern's Danville
Division. I worked during the summers and holidays. Mr. Lemons was still
handing up orders using the wooden hoops and then huffing it down the track
to find them after the trains passed. He had the "new" yellow train order
delivery sticks but he didn't know how to tie the slip knots. After I
taught him, he had a new best friend, me. An another note, one day I walked
north from the station, around the curve, for about 2 miles. Near the end of
the passing track I saw a nice reminder that steam's passing had not been
all that long before, a "rail burn." The next day after classes I went back
with a folding rule and measured the distances between the individual rail
burns. Yep, at some time, a 2-8-8-2 had slipped its drivers there. After
my time at Ferrum, I was at Lynchburg College and didn't work on Southern
any more.

Aubrey Wiley

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