Operations along the Valley Line between Stuarts Draft and Hagerstown from 1979 and 1981

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> When the unit trains were still in existence, the Superintendent,

> Hank Kinzell, came up with

> a time-saving idea -- build a connection in Roanoke that would run

> from the overhead bridge at

> Orange Avenue past the East End Shops to the N&W main line to Norfolk

> near Furnace Crossing.

> This would have saved the train from going in to Shaffers Crossing and

> having to swap power from

> the west end to the east end. It never came about, but you may want to

> incorporate that into your

> layout. Harry Bundy

Seems like a no-brainer doesn't it? But, I would question whether
or not that was Kinzell's idea. Everyone on the Valley wondered why they
didn't have that connection in the first place. That is probably why it
never got done...the big wigs didn't think of it before the working man
Also, if you go back to an early track chart, it shows a connection
just like this. At that time I would imagine that they didn't have any
thought or reason to use it in a "Unit Train" purpose. Instead, I would
think that it was used as just another way to get into the east end of
the foundry and shops.

Jimmy Lisle
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