Operations along the Valley Line between Stuarts Draft and Hagerstown from 1979 and 1981

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Your "?" should be #51. There was also #17 & #18 that used Reading
cabs. 17,18 & 51 were run through trains. 88, 52 & 95 would set off &
pick up at Waynesboro. The Waynesboro shifter worked Waynesboro and
there was a southbound local, operated by pool crews, out of Shenandoah
most everyday.
There were single and double coal trains running north with mtys
back south. The C&O transferred coal to us at Waynesboro. Single coal
coal trains would sometimes pick this up if there was a lot. Other times
the freights would pick it up.
Weekends could be a good time to see southbound trains with
High/Wide loads as other roads waited till the end of the week to move
these cars off their own road.

Jimmy Lisle

> Hello all,


> I have some questions regarding traffic on the valley line in the time

> frame of 1979 until 1981 as I plan on designing a model railroad at

> some point in the future around this period.


> Aside from I think it's four manifests HR-95, RH-88, RH-52 and

> HR-55(?) what other traffic was running. Was coal still running to

> Conrail or Chessie? What if any locals were there?


> Thanks,


> -Brandon Kaback


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