630 Excursions

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Mon Mar 25 10:29:38 EDT 2013

I've not heard an "official" reason for the diesel assist, but no
doubt it helps with the added benefit of dynamic braking and extra
power if needed. While the added power and braking may or may not be
that necessary on the Norfolk-Petersburg line, it certainly was
helpful on the Bristol Line.

But, notwithstanding, the 630 was doing its fair share of the work
when it ran from Bristol to Radford and back. Climbing from Seven
Mile Ford east up through Jessie's Cut, the 630 was pulling very hard
up the hill. And, on the return trip back down through the cut, the
dynamic brakes on the diesels were singing loudly!

Ben Blevins
NS signalman

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> What is the purpose of the two diesels--just in case precaution, extra

> power, or ...?


> ~~Bernie Hylton


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