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Many of you are probably aware that Google has been aggressively digitizing public domain books and making them available online for free. Today I discovered that the Google Books library includes a bound volume of the 1909 issues of "American Engineer and Railroad Journal" trade magazine. It's more than 1800 pages of articles on seemingly everything that was at all related to railroading. There are articles on new machine tools, scholarly math - heavy reports on issues like the effect of imbalanced drivers on rails, plans for new locomotives and cars, tables of useful information for mechanical engineers, photo essays on repair shops, and on and on. Of particular interest to this group are the very detailed drawings of the Virginian AA and MB locomotives, C1 caboose, and VGN and N& W gondolas. It's fascinating to just browse through it. The book can be viewed online here:


The book can also be downloaded in PDF format; its about 67MB. I much prefer the free Foxit Reader for PDF files to Adobe Acrobat. Foxit is faster and has a smaller footprint on your PC than Acrobat. 

Rob Doorack
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