Fantastic Chase of the Steam Ferry Run

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Tue Mar 19 22:15:15 EDT 2013

I don't think I ever really did a chase like today! Blue sky, steam, what could be better!! I awoke to a heavy fog and was thinking not another nasty day, but i took a chance and headed to Crewe. Got to the bridge over the east end and could see the steamer smoking it up. Finally S11 showed up:

Then 234 with the OLS Catfish leaves town:

Finally the 956 pulls down the backside after facing out the west end and crossing over:

After he pulled down to the signal I headed to Blackstone:

Next was Ford:

Then Steve Taylor showed me his spot at Sutherland:

Last stop was New Bo, thy put the trip on ice at Dispo while 234 ran the detour:

Most fun I've had in a long while, and really saw a slew of railfans on the way!! Enjoy!!

Walter Gay
waltrail1 at

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