Sealed Beam Headlight on K2a 137

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I have never seen or heard anything about twin sealed-beam highlights on N&W steam in revenue service.

Bud Jeffries
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I got the following question from Rob McGonigal, Editor, Classic Trains magazine:

"I just ran across an N&W company photo of streamlined 4-8-2 137 in the lubratorium at (so it says on the back of the print) Williamson. It shows two workmen, one on a ladder "adjusting" the engine's headlight, which is a twin-sealed-beam type (bulbs side-by-side); the other is on the ground holding what looks like the old single-bulb reflector. Seems to be a staged photo showing the application of a new headlight to the 137. The print is undated, but I'd guess first half of the 1950s."

I went through the Archives database, but didn't find a reference. Anyone know anything about this?

Dave Stephenson


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