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While I am not privy to the details, basically, most of the tracks running through the area just behind the O.Winston Link Museum (former N&W passenger station) will be re-aligned to permit faster runnung for trains operating through that area (now a "bottleneck"). This will allieviate a lot of congestion in the area. Presently, trains running to & from the north, east and south must pass through this area very slowly  due to many crossovers, and signals. I understand that the new layout will provide longer switches and crossovers, to permit faster running, and the re-alignment of most tracks, and signals in order to accomplish this.
This area is refered to on the railroad as Randolph Street interlocking. While now controlled by the Roanoke Dispatcher form the Dispatch center in Roanoke, at one time the area was controlled by a "Leverman" in the Randolph St. Tower. That "tower" is still standing, just east of Randolph St. (present day Williamson Rd.), but will be demolished in order to accomplish the re-alignment of some of the tracks. Get your photos NOW.
Jeff Sanders

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Hello Jeff,

Excuse me if I missed it in an earlier post, but any word on what NS is up

Grant Carpenter

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> All,

> ?

> I just want to comment about the changes in Roanoke. The track work?has

not been done yet. That will probably happen after the first of next year.
What has happened is that the former passenger platform between tracks #3 &
#4 Station?has been removed. That's what the large ballast covered area is
between the two tracks?on the north side.?The tracks are still the
same.?Hopefully you will be able to see some of that work, if the railcam
gets?up and?working again!?

> ?

> Jeff Sanders

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