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Hi Everyone, Yesterday I "took the bull by the horns-gently of course" and e-mailed The Virginia Tech. Public Relations office, I'd heard that they provide technical support and got a wonderful response. I've attached their reply for all of us to see. Yes the Rail Cam will be back-at the moment it's "sick" but they are working on it.
We will get it eventually.
Stewart Fritts (Connecticut Yankee)
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Good morning, Mr. Fritts,

This morning I spoke with Michael Quonce, Public Relations & Advertising Manager for The Hotel Roanoke. The railcam is owned by the Virginia Tech Foundation and hosted by The Hotel Roanoke (also part of the Foundation) and does, in fact, receive some technical support from Virginia Tech in order to provide the bandwidth needed for multiple people to view the feed simultaneously.

To make a long story short - currently, the computer supporting the feed can't communicate with the camera. Everyone is aware there is a problem and are committed to returning the camera to working order as quickly as possible. There is a brief message on roanokerailcam.com and The Hotel Roanoke is working to get a message on to trains.com, which also has a link to the camera.

I am sorry I cannot give you a finite timeframe. Clearly, this is very important to you - as I am sure it is to other rail fans. Personally, I have found looking into this issue to be fascinating - as have others in our office - and I thank you for bringing this to our attention.


BJ Norris

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Mr. Fritts,

Thank you for your email. I honestly do not know whether this camera is administered by Virginia Tech, but I am looking into it. If it is not ours, I will see if we can find who is responsible for it.


BJ Norris

Special Assistant to the

Associate Vice President

University Relations

From: Stewart Fritts [mailto:sbfritts32 at sbcglobal.net]
Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2012 3:52 PM
Subject: roanoke Rail cam

Hi Virginia Tech, Please forgive me for intruding into your, I suspect is a, busy day. This may be the weirdest e-mail you get. I am a senior citizen, ardent rail fan living in Southern Connecticut. There is a Rail Camera mounted near the corner of the Hotel Roanoke cross roadway and R.R. track foot bridge and Shenandoah Blvd. that gives we rail fans hours of great viewing of the NS mainline.

It is rumored that the camera is administered by Virginia tech. It has been inoperative since the weekend of "Sandy". If it is true that you do have charge over it, can someone please tell me when it will be back in service?

I miss it very badly as does scores of local N&W railfans.

If you are not involved in the Railcar, please forgive me for bothering you.

Again, please forgive this uninvited intrusion.

Stewart Fritts
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