N&W Coal Schooner Barges

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N&W Coal Schooner Barges

According to Prince's book they were:

N & W 1 US 130469 Schooner Barge 1082 tons 1890
N & W 2 US 130189 Schooner Barge 926 tons 1890 - Sold "Annie" to "Oakland"
N & W 3 US 130470 Schooner Barge 863 tons 1890 - Sold "Riverside"
N & W 4 US 130485 Schooner Barge 1081 tons 1890 - Sold "Daisie"
N & W 5 US 130499 Schooner Barge 926 tons 1890 - Sold "Maywood"
N & W 6 US 130493 Schooner Barge 864 tons 1890 - Sold "Edgewater"

NOTE: These large barges were 193' x 36.8' x 19' and smallest were 176' x
36.8' x 17.3'. Each had a crew of 3 for steering and handling lines and

The only other information was that they were operated until 1901.

Skip Sledge
Have a nice day - It is much better than a bad one!

The Norfolk and Western owned a fleet of Schooner Barges purchased in the
My understanding they were numbered ? some sold off over the years.
They were constructed in a Brooklyn NY shipyard.
Can anyone tell me the name of the shipyard?
Does anyone have anything in the way of details on these vessels? Have they
ever been covered in the Arrow or other N&W historical publications?
Many thanks.
Jim Guthrie
Brooklyn, NY

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