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Yes, N&W and Virginian both leased Pennsy H-21's. I don't have the book on N&W coal cars currently available for reference but Bowser produced both N&W and Virginian models of the PRR H-21's initially in at least 12 numbers each (best I can remember). I would assume the numbers were correct (Bowser usually researches things well). The cars were Pennsy coal car red (for lack of a better term.........and let's not start an argument over what shade of this color is correct!). Dow's book on N&W coal cars would provide detailed information on those leased by the N&W...... unfortunately my copy is in a box in Georgia.

Here's a link to Bowser's web site that gives current model availability and pictures:

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I have heard that N&W leased H21 hoppers from PRR in the 1940's and
1950's. I have several questions:

1. What was the paint color
2. What were the car numbers?
3. Did VGN also do the same? If so, could you kindly advise re 1
and 2 above?

Thank you!
Brad Andonian

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