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The line NE from Charlottesville through Orange to Culpepper is NS, but
it's former SR. The line that starts due East from Charlottesville then
loops up through Gordonsville to Orange is now Buckingham Branch, former CSX,
ex-C&O Mountain Division. There's no former N&W in that neck of the woods.

>From the maps that come up in a Google search of Winston, VA the tracks

there are probably NS/SR. Time precluded a definitive investigation.

Dave Phelps

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I do a lot of traveling in Orange and Culpeper Counties and have found
some wonderful railroad type sites including the restored Orange, VA station
and an old general store in Winston, VA right off the tracks which I assume
are Norfolk Southern tracks (Norfolk & Western). Is there some source that
is available to obtain more information about Winston, VA and any other
significant buildings, track, or stations in this area? I must not be
looking in the right places as I am pretty much coming up with blanks. Any help
would be greatly appreciated. Having been raised in Wytheville, I am glad
to see that the fundraising for the Rural Retreat station seems to be going
well. Have a great weekend.
H. Daniel Winter III
435 Willwood Drive
Earlysville, VA 22936
434-989-9313 (Cell)
434-973-6787 (Home)

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