Speed up of Amtrak trains on NS

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The real pathetic thing about the new service is the route through
Petersburg -- Poe to a point near Collier Yard, then a connection
track (already in place) to CSX's main line. Virginia's Dept. of
Rail Passenger Service has already received $1.2 mil. from the
U.S. for a preliminary environmental study to add a second 1400-foot
span across the Appomattox River. The Cannonball used ACL's
Old Main Line from Petersburg station to the connection with
ACL's Richmond-Jacksonville main at North Dunlop -- 3 miles.
The piers across the Appomattox River are still in place, but
bridge steel would have to be added. Southeast High Speed Rail
had indicated that the Old Main Line wasn't selected because of
the Dunlop Estate, some historical property owned by a Petersburg
tobacco family. Since 1838, ACL's predecessor, the Richmond and
Petersburg had crossed the Dunlop property. The route through
the Collier connection is 3.4 miles longer than The Cannonball route,
but CSX's line will certainly be improved -- and guess who's paying
for it. Harry Bundy

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