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Tue Oct 2 20:48:59 EDT 2012

Willis Vail was a civil engineer who worked on a number of projects
for the C&O, N&W, CNJ and the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad around
the turn of the century.

In 1913 Willis was the resident engineer over the construction of the
second High Bridge on the N&W.

Willis was also an accomplished photographer. He photographed many of
the engineering projects he worked on.

Along with his photographs Willis maintained a journal detailing his
work and his life in the era. We have digital scans of WIllis'
journal and are looking for help transcribing it.

For those NWHS members who live outside of Roanoke this is a great
opportunity to contribute to preserving history. We will just e-mail
you images of pages from the journal and you return the transcription.

You can read more about Willis Vail at

Anyone interested in assisting with this project please e-mail me at
<davis at nwhs.org>

Ron Davis

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