Old E-8s

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Wed Aug 1 17:48:10 EDT 2012

The Va Museum of Transportation has had some old artifacts stored in the yard east of Shaffer’s Crossing and just west of the 10th Street Bridge for some time, including two old E-8 units in pretty rough shape. I remember one of them being on display in Wasena Park many years ago.

I noticed a few weeks ago they were “missing,” Then I happened to notice one parked on one of the East End Shops’ turntable sidings, under the I-581 bridge. That one is still there.

Yesterday (7/31) afternoon, I looked out the window from my perch atop the Wells Fargo Tower and saw the other E8 being towed west past the old GOB building by three engines with a caboose behind it. Needless to say, that train was moving at a snail’s pace even for downtown Roanoke. It was also interesting to see a white hose draped along the side of the old E-8, apparently to supply air to the caboose. If you were really lucky you might have seen it on the Roanoke rail cam.

(Yeah, I know, it’s awful working in an office overlooking the shops, the old passenger station, and the Roanoke yards, with a view of 611 and 1218 at the VMT, with trains going by all day.)

Anyway, what’s up with these units? Any chance they’re finally seeing some TLC?

Eric Shelton

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