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On the Cincinnati District track chart dated July 1, 1927 Revised January 1, 1963 between MP C-74 and MP C-79 is the area of the new route built in the late 1940's. The chart has references to "Old Line" "New Line". at each of these points.
The new line track is shown with a 131 lb. rail laid date of 9-47.
The bridge abutment at the top of the grade west of Beaver Pond has a date of 1938, only 9 years before the new line was put in.
The new line is shown on the chart, my question is, is there a 1927 track chart in the archives that still shows the old route profile?
Trying to get more reference material on this old section of the Peavine.

Jeffrey Wood
N&W VGN Hist. Soc.
Southern Ohio Railway Enthusiast

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