Arrow Observation Car?

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I don't know how to access older imagery using the Google Maps web page,
but in the Google Earth program one can search for the address 4747 King
Faysal Rd Dammam 32232 7920, Saudi Arabia and view the historical aerial
image for 3/20/2010 to find many passenger cars on the sidings, including
what looks like a few observation cars.

Eric Shelton

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> Hello.

> Someone replied to this posting asking that the Observation car be

> identified or pointed out somehow in that satellite photo. I couldn't

> spot it either, and haven't seen any replies telling which car in the

> photo is the one in question. Can anyone please point out the right

> car...?

> Thanks.

> Vince Albert

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> I am still in the firm belief that one of the Observation cars still

> exists. A few months back I posted a link to a satellite image clearly

> showing what more than likely is an N&W obs.


> This was taken from a discussion on Also in that same

> discussion

> is mention of the N&W heavyweight which looks similar to the car posted

> but

> may be different.

> Jeff Lisowski


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