ET&WNC 207 at Roanoke

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The date is June 17, 1967. This very photo was published in the July issue of the Norfolk and Western Magazine, page 230. Roanoke and N&W officials rode the train from the passenger station to Wasena Park via the Winston-Salem line where it got on the Belt Line at Franklin Road. After ceremonies dedicating the Wabash 1009 and Southern cars "Pulaski" and "Glen Summit", the 207 made sevral trips west on the Belt Line to Norwich and back, carring a full load of pasengers each trip. It later returned to downtown that evening via Franklin Road.. The engine was handled light to and from Roanoke over the Radford Division.
Jeff Sanders

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See image of ET&WNC 2-8-0 Consolidation number 207 east bound at Roanoke
in an undated NWHS collection photo (photo appears to be from N&W).
Being unfamiliar with this locomotive I found info on the web indicating
this loco is Southern 630 which has (or was) on NS / TVRM excursions in

Anyone have dates/info on this Roanoke steam excursion in this image?
Was photo take form Hunter viaduct perhaps?


- Roger Link
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