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I've been wondering, did the N&W have trackage rights on the Pennsy line
o Muncie prior to when it took it over at the start of Conrail? If so,
hen did it start? Was it prior to the 1964 merger?
Without that access, their only connection to the former NKP (and,
ence, Wabash) would have been via the Sandusky line that they got as
art of the 1964 merger, right?
Muncie Div. Timetable No. 6 (eff. 04/01/1976) indicates N&W
used Conrail Claire to Valley (but under supervision of N&W's
Asst. Terminal Supt.), B&O Old River Jct. to New River Jct. and
Conrail Glen to Newman. Had thought this acquisition didn't take
place until 1978, but the timetable is the authority.
Correct! N&W's sole connection to the NKP had been via the Sandusky
line and even after a direct connection to Muncie via Cinci, N&W
continued moving traffic, especially Chicago coal trains,
through the "new connection" at Bellevue. The Bellevue route had
better tonnage ratings. Harry Bundy

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