Class A speed limit in passenger service

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My late uncle, Mr. C. P. Blair, told me many years ago that he was the one who went to an ICC hearing in Atlanta to request the exemption from the ICC mandate. As I recall what he said was that the N&W wanted to set the speed limit at 90 mph.

Gordon Hamilton
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Before the ICC imposed speed limits there were no speed restrictions on
certain portions of the N&W; for example, east of Poe on the Norfolk
Division, except for curves and other restricted areas such as certain
incorporated towns.


> The ICC mandate went into effect in 1947. N&W applied for an exemption for the territory east of Poe. Although a maximum authorized speed of 78 MPH was shown for certain territories in Norfolk Div. timetables of the late 40's (Jack to MP 136 for example), it wasn't until the issuance of Norfolk Div. Time Table #2 (4/28/52) that maximum speeds on the Norfolk - Poe portion were published. Doubtful that the "A" class was called to protect No. 25, but for the 18.67 mi. Waverly to Poe (no curves and 45 MPH through Waverly), a speed of 65.9 MPH was required to make the schedule in 1951. Harry Bundy


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