A question about J whistles

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Inasmuch as the streamlined K2's and K2a's kept their passenger whistles
when some of them were in mixed and local freight service, it is obvious that
N&W saw no reason to change whistles. Anyway, the J1's were "freight" engines
only on paper to satisfy the WPB. They were built to pull passenger trains, and
presumably had passengr whistles as built.

Jim Nichols

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Others can comment if I'm off the track there, but I know of no record
indicating that the J/J1's were equipped with freight whistles at any time
during their service lives.  Similarly, I've seen no indication that an A was
equipped with a 3-chime passenger whistle.

Dave Stephenson

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>I was curious if any J class 4-8-4's ever carried a hooter whistle. In

>particular, did any of the J-1's carry the hooters prior to streamlining? Did

>any J's get hooters once they were bumped from passenger service in 1958? Also,

>did any A's ever carry a Hancock 3-chime passenger whistles? Thank you for any





>Steven Ashley

>Spartanburg, SC


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