N&W and TAT in Columbus

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The recent Arcadia Publishing book, "Aviation In Columbus", has a picture of an ad featuring N&W's participation in the Transcontinental Air Transport system, an early multi-mode transportation system combining rail and air. The caption says N&W joined the TAT on August 1, 1929, with service from Norfolk and Roanoke to Columbus, with the Columbus stop at Broad St.

Does anyone know anything else about N&W's involvement with this service? How long did it last? Was there a station or shelter at Broad St in Columbus?

Marty Flick

The Pennsylvania RR Technical and Historical Society had an article on TAT four or five years ago. Information
for N&W's participation was supplied by N&WHS from an article in the N&W Magazine. Just from memory, the
Broad Street stop was a train-to-bus transfer only. The article identified the first passenger to use the
service (from Suffolk as I remember). Let me dig out my copy of the PRRT&HS magazine and I'll see if there's
anything to add. Harry Bundy
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