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I have been studying the Beaver Pond, Ohio area for a few years now. I am planning an N-scale layout of the old line new line while both tracks were still in place.
In 1915 the station was replaced with a shelter shed.
The N&W/VGN Hist. society has prints in the archives of the shelter shed.
Last year we were on our way to eastern Ky. I stopped in an Amish store and picked up an Images Of America book on Adams County, Ohio. It is chocked full of N&W pictures.
On page 78 there is a great shot of the Beaver Pond shelter shed, the double track, a switch track and other structures.
There are people standing at the shelter, which gives you something to scale from. I used the picture to build, sofar, 2 of these shelters in N-scale. It take about a 1/2 hour from cutting the material to final assembly. Its not a big fancy station, but it is a dramatic piece when completed. I don't know all the details, or color of the shelter. Will have to go back to the Arrow and see what colors were being used during that time.
The first one is painted dark tan with dark brown trim. #2 will be light tan with green trim.
If any one knows the interior layout, or if there were other doors, ect. any info would be appriciated.
I also would like to post a picture of the model for others to look at. Any suggestions???

Jeffrey Wood
N&W VGN Hist. Soc.
Southern Ohio Railway Enthusiast

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