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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
Tue., May 7, 1912

Forecasters of Railway Movements Find Places for Virginian to Spend Its Money
Engineers are making preliminary surveys and purchasing right of way for the Virginian Railway in the neighborhood of Beckley, according to what appears to be a reliable report which reached here yesterday. The plan of the railroad, which Saturday through its directors, authorized a $75,000,000 bond issue, is to extend the present lines from Pemberton to Mabscott where connection can be had with the Dixon road, over which entrance will be made to Beckley, and property has already been purchased from Carter, Hedrick and Walker for right of way purposes. It is reported that the lines will be extended to the head of Loop creek. The extension towards Beckley will reach fully fifteen mines now in operation, which are now shipping over the Chesapeake and Ohio.
[On another matter related to expansion of the Virginian, NWHS members processing drawings this past Saturday at the NWHS/NS Archives in the GOB-East in Roanoke, turned up a June 10, 1908,
Virginian proposed track plan (Locator HS-E10002) which included a bridge across the Kanawha River at Deepwater to connect with the Kanawha and Michigan Railway. This alignment appeared to be essentially the same as the one that the Virginian would utilize for the connection some 22 years later. So, the Virginian was looking for a western connection other than the C&O as early as 1908.]

Gordon Hamilton

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