Heritage Unit Photos

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Thanks for the shot of the N&W units.

As a sidebar the NS was formed in 1982 and I think the N&W and Southern folks are still having fun! I was railfanning on the Pokey this last week and caught the Southern unit in service. I guess the unit broke down while on the Pokey on Tuesday, the Bluefield shop folks fixed it quickly and did the only thing a good N&W man would do with a southern unit,,,put it in Pusher service, That unit will not be clean for long!!..

Mike Ritschdorff

Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 04:05:13 +0100
Subject: Heritage Unit Photos
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I hadn't seen either of these posted to the list, so for those who haven't yet seen them, I've linked the two most recent photos (that I've seen, anyway).

#8101 - Central of Georgia

#8103 - N&W Blue:

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio
http://modelrailradio.com/wiki/Ideas, Contributions and Edits welcome!

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