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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
Wed., May 1, 1912

Contractors Who Will Build Pond Creek Extension Have Already Commenced to Purchase Supplies
W. W. Boxley & Co., to whom the contract for the Williamson and Pond Creek railroad, or what will be commonly known as the Pond Creek extension of the Norfolk and Western, has been let, have already commenced to purchase supplies for the preliminary work on the camps, commissaries and other immediate needs. Six forces of men, consisting of 2,000 laborers, will be put at work as fast as possible and the work will be rushed day and night so that it may be completed on contract time, which ends January 1, 1913. During the eight months allowed for the work twenty-two miles of road on Pond and Blackberry Creeks and two tunnels will be built, while in addition three bridges will be constructed, one of which will extend across Tug River at Williamson and lead directly into the Williamson yard. When completed, according to information received here last night, the present extension will end at a point back of Delorme [?].
Boxley & Haley have secured the subcontract for the concrete work, while Haley, Chisholm & Morris will construct the tunnels. The railroad construction will be done by W. W. Boxley & Co., which firm is now moving forces from Kimball to points on Pond Creek. One of the first camps will be erected about twelve miles from Williamson, or about three miles from the end of the Pond Creek actual extension. The balance of the road, seven miles, it is understood, will be built on Blackberry.
The coal possibilities of the section are enormous according to reports received here. The plants of the Pond Creek Coal Company, which will operate twelve mines, according to information at hand, will be larger than the present plants of the Consolidation Coal Company at Jenkins, Ky. Other mines which will be opened in the region make the future extremely bright from a development standpoint.
It is learned that the West Virginia Power Company is planning the extension of its lines to the new development, and as this concern is backed by Westinghouse Electric Company people, it is certain they would not consider the project unless the future looked bright to them. This company, it is said, eventually plans the extension of its lines to Columbus and Cincinnati in Ohio as well as to the Kentucky coalfields. It may be of interest to the people of this city to know that Theodore Swan, better known here as Teddy Swan, is one of the most prominent men in the West Virginia Power Company's working staff.
In addition to the Williamson and Pond Creek extension W. W. Boxley & Co. have secured a contract from the Virginian Railway, let about ten days ago, by which that concern will enlarge the present yard facilities of that line at Roanoke. The dimensions of the contract are not known here, but it is known that the contractors are considering the purchase of standard gauge locomotives from the Norfolk and Western with which to carry on the construction work.
Gordon Hamilton
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