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I think Mr. Bower's had a slip of the finger when typing the date, which should be 1974. Russ GoodwinBuford, GA
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I don’t think that date has occurred yet. Don T. From: nw-mailing-list-bounces at [mailto:nw-mailing-list-bounces at] On Behalf Of NW Mailing List
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Subject: Re: SD45 1728 In a message dated 4/11/2012 8:57:29 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, nw-mailing-list at writes:In trying research I have not found when SD-45 1728 was wrecked on the Reading and rebuilt with the low nose. I would like to model this unit with a low nose and need to know if if fits into my modeling era. 10-31-14 WRECKED ON READING R/R AT LEE'S CROSSROADS, MD. REBUILT INTO LOW NOSE MODEL BY READING R/R WITH BI-DI CONTROL STAND INSTEAD OF DUAL CONTROL STANDS BOB B.

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