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Hi Jerry Kay, You were right on- It was an image of Caretta. Is the line
out of service permanently or does it even exist any more?- Thank you for
the very quick and very accurate response. I've taken the link with the
dozzen or so position light signals images and added it to my "favorites"
list for more review. Jerry, Thank you again very much.
Stewart Fritts

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> Hi Stewart, Was one of these the picture you saw?

> http://www.nwhs.org/archivesdb/listdocs.php?index=s&id=277


> The signal at Caretta sound like it fits your description.

> If not, try searching our archives for position light signal.


> Jerry Kay



> On 4/8/12, NW Mailing List <nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org> wrote:

>> Hi everyone, I'm brand new to this list and a "Yankee" to boot,

>> specifically

>> Connecticut. My question involves a picture that appeared when I first

>> tried

>> your Site after dropping down from the Roanoke Rail Cam. I clicked on

>> your

>> logo to see what you were about and the first image that appeared was of

>> a

>> very weed grown single track with a "looks like" position light signal

>> Since

>> joining I've now sat thru a total of 3 plus hours of the slide show and

>> while extremely interesting, that particular picture never reappeared.

>> Can

>> any one recognize what I'm talking about and give an explanation. Thank

>> you

>> very much in advance.


>> Stewart Fritts

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