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To all,
Once again thanks for the answers to my problem. As always you folks come up with the answers. It seems that I must acquire a copy of the operator's rules as they seem to show how signals were arranged and I ought also to purchase the two books on signaling from the commissary at the Society. It is only when one tries to apply these things that one finds out the problems and the fact that each signal has to be individually tailored to its position. It is the same over here, but being so familiar with our signaling one does not give it a second thought. I will be contacting Mr. Lisle with a plan of the relevant part of my layout in due course, once I have it in a suitable format. If anyone else is interested I can post it on the site, if that is admissible but it is a smallish layout not a basement empire.
Again thanks to all,
The forgetful Englishman, Fred Bailey.
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