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On December 4, Bob Cohen asked:

That's a neat piece of info you have shared with us here. Any idea of
when services ended on other lines, like the Shenandoah Valley line,
the Bristol line as well as the line to Norfolk/Lynchburg?


No, Bob. No further information. I think I asked every operator and dispatcher I knew on all divisions I worked on about that, and none of them had any exact recollections.

I even asked Scott Spradlin, a 1936 or 1937-hire Radford Division telegrapher, who finished his career on daylight at Randolph St, about the subject of "last telegraph." Along with Bill Harman, Scott usually had the best information on Radford Division history, as his father and had also been a Radford Division telegrapher. But Scott came up dry for a date of last telegraph for N&W circuits. Looking back, I wish I had pumped Scott for more information, e.g. jobs he had worked. Like Cowan!

I do have some notes on a conversation with Scott Spradlin concerning UN and WB at West Roanoke. Will have to dust off the old time books and look up my notes, which were always jotted in the back of the time books.

-- abram burnett
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