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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
March 2, 1912

Pocahontas Field Will Profit by Strike of Million Miners in Great Britain
The expected coal strike in England had the anticipated effect here yesterday, especially among the coal men who look forward to exceptionally good times for the industry locally if the strike continues for any length of time. Cable reports say that England is already turning its eyes towards the Pocahontas field and Norfolk. The fact that England owns considerable Norfolk and Western stock will help to advertise this section, and the Norfolk and Western boomers in England will see that Pocahontas field gets its share of the business, especially in view of the fact that Pocahontas coal comes nearer the Cardiff standard than any other coal, and requires little or no change in the present English method of handling coal.
Yesterday the meeting of the Republican county committee partially overshadowed the coal situation, but there were few operators here who did not make it a point to call at the selling offices to secure the latest cable and long distance reports on coal market conditions. Among coal men at the coal selling offices there was genuine good humor and the sales agents were only too pleased to meet the operators with the best news for them that they have been able to give in years.
Three dollar coal would mean a great deal to the Norfolk and Western operators, who have many times in the comparatively recent past sold their coal at a loss to keep the mines going and hold their help against the better times, which they felt were bound to come. The sales agents hope for contracts which will insure a most prosperous year and optimism is the slogan on every side. There will be a fair supply of cars today at the mines, but the outlook for Monday, based on the fact that Sunday intervenes, is a little better which means hope, and hope is a good deal with prices taking an airship course towards the Pocahontas field.
Gordon Hamilton
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