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So Abram ol' pal:
Did you shoot any photos of said truncated structure while you were working that job?
And thanx for answering the question I'd always had about when the old depot was razed.
Any other memories of how that job was worked, loads hauled in/out, would be appreciated.
Thankee kindly,
Andre Jackson

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Bob et al:

I was first force assigned to the Second Saltville Switcher in August, 1964. At that time, the west end of the old brick Glade Spring depot was standing (and in use as the agent's office,) but the east end of the building had been demolished.

The next time I was force assigned to the Saltville job was June, 1965, and as of that time the old station had been completely demolished and the new "tin" station was in use.

-- abram burnett
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