Montvale-Pamplin Double Track

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When was the double track removed between Montvale and Pamplin? Was this
accomplished in one single project or in various phases over time?

Jeff Hawkins

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Jeff- The only firm date I can give you is May 28, 1980. ICC authorized
abandonment from Mile Post N-195.98 to Mile Post 201.18. If you consider
the Old Main Line and the Lynchburg Belt Line to be double track, this part
was on the Old Line between Leptic and a quarry east of the James River.
Between Concord and the quarry, the track had already been retired. Then
there's 03/30/65. This was the date No. 92 collided with a westbound hopper
train entering the double track at Montvale (MP N-239), so the
single-tracking had started sometime between 1961 and that date. Kinda interesting, but
as the Old Line became fragmented -first between Ito and Durham Jct., N&W
rerouted passenger trains to the Belt Line and built a depot at Kinney Yard.
Prior to that time, the passenger stop at Lynchburg was at Union Station,
which at one time jointly served C&O. Although the employee timetable
recognized the stop as "Kinney ("Lybg. Pass. Sta."), the public timetables
showed "U. Sta." Harry Bundy

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