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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
February 6, 1912

Railroad Nearing Completion
The new extension of the Bluestone Land & Lumber Company railroad from near Gardner down Brush Creek and lower Bluestone to the great timber tracts of the company is reported to be near completion. As a consequence the Sharp mills expect to start up again within a few days and add materially to the business in this section of the county. The lumber mills situated at Gardner are the largest in the county, and probably in this end of the state. Having been virtually idle during the last few months while the extension of the lumber railway was being built the loss of the Sharp payroll has been felt in industrial circles in Princeton.
[Gardner, or Gardner Junction, is located on the former Virginian about 2.5 miles north (west by timetable) of Princeton. The attached drawing of the mill shows the Virginian main line curving around the mill, and it almost certainly exaggerates the lumber storage area in the upper left. It's hard to imagine, but nothing is left of this operation today. The mention of Brush Creek brings up memories for me. My grandmother's farm where I was largely reared lay on Brush Creek upstream from Princeton, and I had some happy times fishing in it for redeye and suckers and camping on its banks in the summertime.]

Gordon Hamilton
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