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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
November 2, 1911

One Firm Alone Expects Nearly Half Million Dollars Worth

The cattle shipment from Graham is about closed for this season. One or two more shipments will wind up the season's exodus of export beeves* from the east end of Tazewell for this year. Moss & Company alone shipped to foreign markets nearly four hundred cars of cattle this fall, valued at one-half million dollars. All of these were not Tazewell county cattle, however, some of them coming from Russell and Smythe counties. Other cattle dealers also made shipments form this county, receiving thousands of dollars for them, which finds its way into the pockets of the graziers.

*Beeves: A plural of beef (I had to look it up)
[Four hundred cars of cattle from just one shipper on the N&W's Clinch Valley line!!!]

Gordon Hamilton
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