N&W Signal Statistics, Jan 1, 1935

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I would be interested in a copy of the PDF

My email is:
trainman51 at gmail.com

I will think of some Ideas as to how one would get 8 signals.


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> Abe:

> According to my records from *Railway Signaling *there was a controlled

> switch 1 mile east of Vicker on the WB main (pull-in) controlled by a desk

> type machine 4 miles away in Walton installed in 1929. It had 6 controlled

> signals associated with it. Could this be one of the "mystery" controlled

> points?

> Glenn

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> An interesting little 23-page, typewritten publication, "A Tabulation of

> Statistics Pertaining to Signals and Automatic Train Control as of January

> 1, 1935," written by Bert T. Anderson and bearing a publication date of June

> 1, 1935, contains a bit of interesting information on the N&W.


> It lists for the N&W no staff system in effect and no automatic

> interlockings. The N&W had 7 engines equipped with "Automatic Train-Stop or

> Train-Control Devices" (perhaps for service over the RF&P ?) Under the

> "Automatic Cab Signal" tabulation, N&W is credited with 238.7 "miles of road

> equipped," 241.2 "miles of track equipped," and 62 engines equipped.


> But the most interesting N&W entry is under "Remote-Controlled

> Power-Operated Switches and Signals in Service," where N&W is credited with

> 2 "Controlled Points" equipped with a total of 2 "single switches," 0

> crossovers, 0 semaphores, 0 derails, and 8 "light signals."


> Where could these two "Controlled Points" have been" Immediately, North

> Roanoke and Bluff (between Pepper and Low Grade Tunnel on the Radford

> Division) came to mind. That would account for the two switches, but how

> does one get 8 signals out of two single-switch interlockings? A single

> switch interlocking (such as would be located at the end of double track)

> would require only 3 signals.


> Any ideas?


> I'll be happy to forward a PDF of Anderson's paper to anyone who requests

> it.


> -- abram burnett


> Abeie:

> The seven ATC or ATS equipped locomotives were apparently for service over

> the Atlantic Coast Line

> Petersburg to Richmond - Broad Street Station. Actually RF&P trackage

> begins at the fifth pier of

> the James River viaduct, so it DID include RF&P signals. At the end of the

> steam era, K's 121-122-123

> were ATS (or ATC- equipped). ACL's system was GRS and the Shenandoah Div.

> was Union Switch and

> Swindle. In the Cowan - Bluff area, in addition to the turnouts going

> from single to double track and

> vice-versa,there was also a turnout at the east bank of the New River

> leading into the Radford Army

> Ammunition depot. During World War II, N&W operated commuter trains

> Roanoke to the arsenal to

> haul workers. HWB


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Nathan Simmons
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