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Scribit Andre:

A coupla years back, Ben Blevins mentioned that the estimable Abram Burnett had
supplied him builder's photos of the Bristol line CTC machine. If Mr. Burnett's
still online, I'd love to get a copy or scan of these. Pls. advise.
Andre Jackson

Andre et al:

I am happy to advise that the N&W CTC photos are now in the hands of an omni-competent professional graphics artist for digitization, and that the N&WHS will be receiving a copy of the files when the scanning work is completed. I do not know the status of the digitization project at the moment... it's a big one.

I have upgraded my computers and software three times in the last several years and you know what means... files rather "get lost" in all the external hard drive stuff that one creates to insure integrity of the files while making the swap from one computer to another. That's a long-winded way of saying that I don't see the files on my PC's hard drive.

Nonetheless, Andre, if you will contact me at > pravoslavna at gmail dot com < I will look around and see what I can find in the dark lagoon of the "backup" system !

--abram burnett

>From Pennsyl-slavia

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