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I don't suppose anybody has a picture of this machine or a similar one do
they? I would kind of like to see what this thing looked like. Sounds like
cutting edge technology in 1911, LOL.

Mike Weeks
Greenville NC

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> Bluefield Daily Telegraph

> October 12, 1911



> ------

> *A Penny in the Slot at the Passenger Station Will Get a Cup*

> The Norfolk and Western has installed a sanitary drinking cup

> arrangement at the passenger station which will provide individual cups for

> each person. The arrangement is a novelty for this depot as heretofore an

> adequate water supply with or without cups has not been provided. The man

> who wants a drink of water at the depot now can get it by dropping a penny

> in the slot and the paper cup will be automatically delivered at once.

> Of course there are some who will not be satisfied with plain water and

> for the convenience of those people it might be added that the licensed

> moisteners are still in business across the street. The advantage that

> water offers is found in its cheapness, and being able to save four cents or

> more per glass. The patent drinking cup arrangement is the same as is found

> on the Norfolk and Western trains.

> ------

> [*Only five cents for a brew across the street? As Archie and Edith sang,

> "Those were the days."*]


> Gordon Hamilton


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