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…. Vardo, of course, was a PRR facility. Switching and clerical work was performed
by PRR (later PC) people. One crusty old Shenandoah Division conductor started matching
waybills with the consist and concluded that the clerk had dumped the waybills into a trash
can and homogenized them…..

This “co-operation” continued until just a few years ago and well into the NS era. On run-through trains the standing running order of the motive power was usually reported by inbound Conrail crews exactly in reverse of what it usually was.
Not sure what caused it, perhaps it was inability to get cars in the correct block, but N&W in the 70's
elected to have Vardo quit blocking for Front Royal, Shenandoah Jct., etc. for points short of Roanoke.
Cars for these points came to Roanoke, were classified in correct station order, then went back north for
delivery. BTW, nice Pocahontas Divn. book. Harry Bundy

Mason Cooper

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