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I am interested in knowing the standing order of trains as set forth on switchlists in the mid-1950's on the N&W. Did the switchlist give the standing order of cars in the train from the caboose to the locomotive, or, from the locomotive to caboose?

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD
I'm sure every railroad had its own vernacular. Usually the document given to the conductor
showing car initial & number, destination, etc. was referred to as the consist. A switch list
was the document given to the yard crew that the yardmaster had designated which track
the car (s) should be guided to. On the N&W, the consists were arranged from engine
to caboose in standing order. The waybills were to be arranged just as they stood in the
train. Vardo, of course, was a PRR facility. Switching and clerical work was performed
by PRR (later PC) people. One crusty old Sheandoah Division conductor started matching
waybills with the consist and concluded that the clerk had dumped the waybills into a trash
can and homoginized them. Harry Bundy

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