N&W Obs in Saudi Arabia.

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Why do you make that assumption? I've been following this email site for
years and can't recall about the cars in SA. Just would like to know the
history - thanks.

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> Ed Svitil

> Norfolk & Western Railway



> There was a photo years ago, I think in Trains, that showed one of the

> N&W obs in use in SA.


> I don't recall seeing much more info about them.


> Take care

> Bill*

I make the assumption on the known fact that these cars were sold to the
Saudis in 1959. If you look in the January 1972 issue of Trains, there is a
pretty good article showing three B&W photos of one of their "American"
train sets with one of the N&W obs. Also, again in the March 1991 issue of
Trains there is an article showing the N&W obs. I also believe they may have
appeared in another mid '80's issue. Nothing has really been heard or seen
of these two cars for years now. I found it very interesting to see the map
on Google clearly showing passenger cars. If you scroll to the left on the
map, past the wye, (sort of going slightly northwest) you will see some
industrial buildings with two more passenger cars and one observation. A lot
of folks have assumed the cars scrapped, but the map may very well prove
that assumption wrong. One could only wish a return for those two cars.

Jeff Lisowski

"Sic Semper Tyrannis!"
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